Replacement Levy Utilization by Ohio School Districts

This report provides a brief overview of the utilization of replacement levies by Ohio school districts from the proceeding 10 years (2014-2023).

February 2024 Replacement Levy Analysis
In the 10-year period from 2014 through 2023 there have 2,701 school levies placed on the ballot for voter approval. Of these, only 20 (0.74%) have been replacement levies.

Of the 20 replacement levies, eight were for operating purposes (one of which was for education technology purposes) and 12 were for permanent improvements. Of the 20 replacement levies, 12 (60.0%) received voter approval.

Of the 2,701 school levies, 1,561 were for operating purposes. Replacement levies comprised only 0.51% of total operating levies (eight out of 1,561).

Over the same timeframe, 472 of the operating levies were new levies while 1,081 were renewal levies. Once again, only eight of the 1,561school operating levies on the ballot from 2014 through 2023 were replacement levies. Thus, from 2014 through 2023 renewal school levies were placed on the ballot 135 times as often as were replacement levies.

Table 1 provides a list of all school replacement levies on the ballot from 2014 through 2023.

Table 1: School Replacement Levies, 2014-2023

ElectionSchool DistrictCountyOperating   or PIMillage AmountPass or Fail
May 2014Tri-Rivers JVSDMarionOperating2.10Fail
May 2014Patrick Henry Local SDHenryPI1.90Pass
Nov. 2014Pioneer Career & Tech. Ctr.RichlandOperating1.70Pass
Nov. 2014Warren County Career Ctr.WarrenOperating3.50Fail
May 2015Warren County JVSDWarrenOperating3.50Fail
May 2015Bellbrook-Sugarcreek LSDGreeneOperating5.50Pass
Nov. 2016Tri-Rivers JVSDMarionOperating1.30Fail
Nov. 2017Monroeville Local SDHuronPI1.80Fail
Nov. 2017New Philadelphia City SDTuscarawasPI1.00Pass
May 2018Monroeville Local SDHuronPI1.80Fail
May 2018Eastwood Local SDWoodPI2,0Pass
May 2019Bellbrook-Sugarcreek SDGreeneOperating7.50Fail
May 2019Mount Vernon City SDKnoxPI2.90Pass
May 2019Parkway Local SDMercerPI1.50Pass
May 2022Genoa Area Local SDOttawaEduc. Tech.0.50Pass
May 2022Clyde-Green Springs EVSDSanduskyPI1.50Fail
Nov. 2022New Albany-Plain Local SDFranklinPI1.75Pass
Nov. 2023Beavercreek City SDGreenePI1.00Pass
Nov. 2023Amherst EVSDLorainPI2.50Pass
Nov. 2023LaBrae Local SDTrumbullPI3.00Pass