Results and Analysis of the 2022 May School Levies

This article summarizes the results and provides an analysis of the 75 school levies on the ballot in the May 3, 2022 primary election. This article is a follow up to last week’s levy preview article on the school levies on the May 2022 primary election ballot. These results are preliminary and have not been officially certified by the Ohio Secretary of State. A complete list of local issues on the May 2022 ballot in the primary election is included at the end of this article and can also be found on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website at:

Election results from prior years (which includes school levy data beginning in 2013) can be accessed from the Secretary of State website by selecting the year in question at:

This article is a follow up to the levy preview article on the school levies on the May 2022 primary election ballot.

In total, 75 school levies were on the May 3 ballot, with 49 passing and 25 failing, a passage rate of 65.3%.

Of the 53 operating levies, 37 passed and 16 failed, a passage rate of 69.8%.

Of the 22 capital levies, 12 passed and 10 failed, a passage rate of 54.5%.

Insights into Operating Levy Results
Of the 14 new operating levies: four passed and 10 failed, a passage rate of 28.6%.
Of the 38 renewal operating levies: 32 passed and six failed, a passage rate of 84.2%. 
The sole replacement levy passed.
Of the nine school district income tax (SDIT) levies, five passed and four failed, a passage rate of 55.5%.

Insights into Capital Levy Results
Of the six bond issues: three passed and three failed, a passage rate of 50%.
Of the two bond/permanent improvement combination issues, both failed.
Of the 14 permanent improvement levies, nine passed and five failed, a passage rate of 64.3%.
Of the eight new permanent improvement levies, five passed and three failed, a passage rate of 62.5%.
Of the seven renewal permanent improvement levies: 4 passed and 1 failed, a passage rate of 80%.
The sole replacement permanent improvement levy failed.
Of the two permanent levies that were SDIT levies, one which was new failed, and one which was a renewal passed.

Table 1 May 3, 2022 Primary Election School levies By Type, with Preliminary Results

School DistrictCountyLevy TypeNew, Renewal or ReplacementMillage, Percent or $ AmountLength of Levy (# of Years or CPT)Pass/Fail?
Capital Levies (N=22)
Lucas Local School DistrictRichlandBondNew$27,000,00037Failed
Green Local School DistrictSummitBondNew$67,845,00037Passed
Canfield Local School DistrictMahoningBondNew$107,800,00037Failed
Riverside Local School DistrictLakeBondNew$147,725,00037Failed
Van Wert City School DistrictVan WertBondNew$5,000,00020Passed
Licking Heights Local School DistrictLickingBondNew$66,000,00037Passed
Belpre City School DistrictWashingtonCombo Bond/PINew$40,000,000CPT/37Failed
North Olmsted City School DistrictCuyahogaCombo Bond/PI/Oper.New$58,000,000CPT/37Failed
Springfield City School DistrictClarkPermanent ImprovementNew5.06CPTPassed
Ansonia Local School DistrictDarkePermanent ImprovementNew2.00CPTPassed
Mississinawa Valley Local  School DistrictDarkePermanent ImprovementNew2.00CPTPassed
Lowellville Local School District MahoningPermanent ImprovementNew4.005Failed
Struthers City School DistrictMahoningPermanent ImprovementNew2.805Passed
Alliance City School DistrictStarkPermanent ImprovementNew2.70CPTPassed
Chippewa Local School DistrictWaynePermanent ImprovementNew0.50CPTFailed
South Central Local School DistrictHuronPermanent ImprovementRenew/Increase2.505Failed
Hudson City School DistrictSummitPermanent ImprovementRenewal1.505Passed
Tri-County North Local School DistrictPreblePermanent ImprovementRenewal2.005Passed
Marietta City School DistrictWashingtonPermanent ImprovementRenewal2.955Passed
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SDSanduskyPermanent ImprovementReplacement1.505Failed
Adena Local School DistrictRossSDIT Perm. ImprovementNew0.75%10Failed
Bluffton Exempted Village School DistrictAllenSDIT Perm. ImprovementRenewal0.50%3Passed
Operating Levies (N=53)     
Madison Local School DistrictButlerSDIT OperatingNew1.00%CPTFailed
Wauseon Exempted Village School DistrictFultonSDIT OperatingNew1.75%5Passed
Blanchester Local School DistrictClintonSDIT Operating/PINew1.25%6Failed
Ayersville Local School DistrictDefianceSDIT OperatingRenewal1.00%5Passed
Evergreen Local School DistrictFultonSDIT OperatingRenewal0.25%5Passed
Newark City School DistrictLickingSDIT OperatingRenewal1.00%CPTPassed
West Liberty-Salem Local School DistrictLogan SDIT OperatingRenewal1.00%5Passed
Wilmington City School DistrictClintonSDIT Operating/PIRenewal1.00%5Failed
Chippewa Local School DistrictWayneSDIT OperatingRenewal1.00%5Failed
Felicity Franklin Local School DistrictClermontProperty Tax OperatingNew8.90CPTFailed
Ayersville Local School DistrictDefianceProperty Tax OperatingNew1.305Passed
Northern Local School DistrictPerryProperty Tax OperatingNew4.75CPTFailed
Springfield Local School DistrictSummitProperty Tax OperatingNew3.905Failed
Reading Community City School DistrictHamiltonProperty Tax OperatingNew9.99CPTPassed
Rossford Exempted Village School District – 1WoodProperty Tax OperatingRenew/Decrease6.905Passed
Rossford Exempted Village School District – 2WoodProperty Tax OperatingRenew/Decrease6.905Passed
Delphos City School DistrictAllenProperty Tax OperatingRenewal5.505Passed
Amherst Exempted Village School DistrictLorainProperty Tax OperatingRenewal4.905Passed
Madison Local School DistrictRichlandProperty Tax OperatingRenewal6.905Passed
Cuyahoga Falls City School DistrictSummitProperty Tax OperatingRenewal4.75CPTPassed
Marietta City School DistrictWashingtonProperty Tax OperatingRenewal8.505Passed
Winton Woods City School DistrictHamiltonEmergencyNew5.405Failed
Genoa Area Local School DistrictOttawaEmergencyNew6.005Passed
Marlington Local School DistrictStarkEmergencyNew7.605Failed
Lakeview Local School DistrictTrumbullEmergencyNew6.8010Failed
North Ridgeville City School DistrictLorainEmergencyNew4.9010Failed
Mapleton Local School DistrictAshlandEmergencyNew3.205Failed
Conneaut Area City School DistrictAshtabulaEmergencyRenewal4.255Passed
Central Local School DistrictDefianceEmergencyRenewal3.665Passed
Swanton Local School DistrictFultonEmergencyRenewal3.205Passed
Willoughby-Eastlake City School DistrictLakeEmergencyRenewal2.4410Failed
Clearview Local School DistrictLorainEmergencyRenewal2.5810Failed
Black River Local School DistrictMedinaEmergencyRenewal6.405Passed
Brunswick City School DistrictMedinaEmergencyRenewal4.5010Passed
Centerville City School DistrictMontgomeryEmergencyRenewal4.5310Passed
Rootstown Local School DistrictPortageEmergencyRenewal4.5010Passed
Tri-County North Local School DistrictPrebleEmergencyRenewal4.8010Failed
Bellevue City School DistrictSanduskyEmergencyRenewal4.1010Passed
Bristol Local School DistrictTrumbullEmergencyRenewal2.955Passed
Champion Local School DistrictTrumbullEmergencyRenewal5.8510Passed
Hubbard Exempted Village School DistrictTrumbullEmergencyRenewal5.155Passed
Joseph Badger Local School DistrictTrumbullEmergencyRenewal2.9510Passed
Strasburg-Franklin School DistrictTuscarawasEmergencyRenewal4.705Passed
Wolf Creek Local School DistrictWashingtonEmergencyRenewal3.585Passed
Amherst Exempted Village School DistrictLorainEmergencyRenewal6.5110Passed
Miami Trace Local School DistrictFayetteEmergencyRenewal3.205Passed
Kirtland Local School DistrictLakeEmergencyRenewal5.505Passed
Jackson-Milton Local School DistrictMahoningEmergencyRenewal3.835Passed
Ontario Local School DistrictRichlandEmergencyRenewal10.2010Passed
Plymouth-Shiloh Local School DistrictRichlandEmergencyRenewal3.905Passed
Tuscarawas Valley School DistrictTuscarawasEmergencyRenewal2.6010Passed
Clark Shawnee Local School DistrictClarkSubstituteRenewal12.10CPTFailed
Genoa Area Local School DistrictOttawaEducation TechnologyReplacement0.505Passed